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What others have said about services performed by Rich Tobin

Hello! We just got back from our Honeymoon and wanted to drop you a note of thanks. We are just so pleased with how the wedding came out. Thank you so much for creating such a meaningful ceremony. Zac and I would have had a hard time to come up with our vows but the wording you used was just perfect and expressed exactly what we wanted to say. - Zack and Zoey

Your service was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such meaningful words for us. Both Juan and I thought the wedding was just perfect. - Christine and Juan

We were delighted to have you as our wedding officiant. - Emily and Ian

Thank you so much! We were deeply touched by the words you prepared for our wedding. They are the truth of life that we should remember for our oncoming new life, as partners and as a family. We had an unforgettable ceremony with your help! - Wei and Chunzeng

Stacie and I really enjoyed speaking with you. We feel good about everything that you had to say. We both came to the conclusion that you were the best candidate for our needs. We look forward to having you perform our ceremony. - Stacie and Raul

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